Dental Implants

A single implant restrorationFixed Implant Restorations

Fixed implant restorations can be single or multiple units, up to a full arch case, and are among the most predictably successful restorations in dentistry. In the laboratory we create, with high accuracy, your choice of restoration with a multitude of materials. We will fabricate a patient specific abutments and customize the restoration to the highest esthetics and strength to make sure your patient will enjoy their new smile.

  • Fixed-Detachable RestorationsFixed detachable implant restoration

    The fixed-detachable restoration, also known as a hybrid restoration, is only removable by the clinician. It is a combination restoration using acrylic teeth and processing it to a titanium CAD/CAM designed frame. The frames can be manufactured to most implant systems on the market today. With high accuracy and superb fit, these restorations are a very affordable option for the patient and give them the esthetics and comfort of their own dentition.

  • Fixed-Removable Restorations

    Implant/removable restorations are designed to be removable by the patient for hygiene and provide proper lip support. This restoration can be designed on implant bars or straight to the implant using attachments, or locators. Bars are fabricated using the titanium CAD/CAM system, matching the implant system used by the surgeon. Protocol for this restoration follows traditional denture protocol. For strength and durability, restorations are designed with a cast chrome cobalt frame as the superstructure with 3 or more attachments on the bars and 2-4 overdenture attachments.

    The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge

    Gone are the days of sacrificing top-tier beauty and precision in order to gain the strength offered from full-contour Zirconia restorations.  We’d like to introduce you to the future of highly aesthetic Zirconia bridges, The Zirkonzahn Prettau bridge.  Prettau Zirconia is far more translucent than Zirconias of the past.  Combine this with staining techniques applied by world class dental technicians, and you’ll see a bridge the likes of which were unimaginable in regards to strength and aesthetics.   By eliminating veneered porcelain, you are not only sure to avoid chipping, but also eliminating wear on opposing teeth.  If you’re looking for strongest possible full arch restoration, without sacrificing the beauty your patient’s deserve, look no further than Bay View Dental Lab’s Prettau Bridge.

    Visit our Gallery to see more examples of our implant case work.

    Our implant specialists will gladly assist you with planning, fabrication, and comprehensive case designs.  We fabricate abutments for the following implant systems:

    Atlantis:  Titanium, GoldHue Titanium, Zirconium
    Biomet / 3i Encode:  Titanium, GoldHue Titanium, Zirconium
    ISUS Compartis:  Ankylos Custom CAD/CAM Abutments, Titanium C and CX, Zirconium
    Nobel Procera:  Titanium, Zirconium



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