Cosmetic Dentistry


New customers working with Bay View often comment about our focus on function, even on cosmetic cases.  Looking at our digital cosmetic case gallery you will notice our work tends to be less bulky and more in harmony with the curvature of the lower lip line. The incisal edge position is at or inside the inner vermillion border of the lower lip, the incisal and labial embrasures are open and the incisal plane is parallel to the horizon – all critical elements of function that are also critical to cosmetics.

We can supply you with a few simple checklists, meant to help you save time and stay more organized with scheduling as well as record preparation. There is a very specific reason for each item; none are difficult or time consuming, and we will even help with staff training for any and all of those records if requested. Once you develop the skills and protocols in the office, you will be amazed at the very high quality results that are possible on a consistent basis. Starting with the diagnostic work-up, including the records and diagnostic wax-up, your cosmetic cases with Bay View can be a real practice builder.

Our small group of Master Technicians from around the world specializing in metal ceramics, all ceramics, gold and implant work are available, by request, to work as your private technician. Each of our cosmetic restoration specialist technicians has their own dedicated crown & bridge technician. We have found this relationship leads to the highest level of consistent quality in the work. At Bay View, we strive to supply our customers with the options you would expect from a larger lab, while still being able to know our customers individual style and preferences. Pictured above is Dawson Academy Senior Faculty member Scott Finlay, DDS with his AACD Certified technician, Shoji Suruga, CDT, AAACD. Click on the image below to see examples from our Cosmetic Gallery.



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