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General Dentistry Restorations

Exciting new technological developments are revolutionizing the laboratory industry.  The technology, materials, and techniques may be changing, but the concepts of occlusion, fit , contact, and proper contours remain the same.  We offer full contour pressed e.max, full contour zirconia, layered all-ceramic e.max crowns, pfm crowns, full cast gold crowns, and layered e.max over zirconia through our general dentistry department.  The 75 year history of  Bay View Dental Laboratory was built on general restorative dentistry and we are proud to continue that tradition today by offering our customers a variety of beautiful, affordable restorations.

Cosmetic Dentistry Restorations

New customers working with Bay View often comment about our focus on function, even on cosmetic cases. Thank you.  Looking at our gallery you will notice the cases are less bulky and more in harmony with the curvature of the lower lip line. The incisal edge position is at or inside the inner vermillion border of the lower lip, the incisal and labial embrasures are open and the incisal plane is parallel to the horizon.  These are critical elements of function that are also critical to cosmetics. For more examples of our cosmetic and full mouth dental restorations, please visit our gallery.

Implant Restorations

Fixed implant restorations can be single or multiple units, up to a full arch case, and are among the most predictably successful restorations in dentistry. We create, with high accuracy, your choice of restoration with a multitude of materials. We will fabricate a patient specific abutments and customize the restoration to the highest esthetics and strength to make sure your patient will enjoy their new smile.

Partial, Removable, and Implant Dentures

We offer services for fixed-detachable as well as fixed-removable hybrid cases, precision partials, and full dentures with combination work.  From single unit flippers to full upper and lower implant dentures, you can count on Bay View Dental Lab to provide you the highest quality removable work for you and your practice.  For more information on our full line of partials, dentures, and removable restorations, see our removable page.


You can trust the products from Bay View. We offer products based on our own research and experience, as well as feedback from other doctors and labs. Rest assured, all of our work is 100% “Made in America.”

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