The Piper-McKee / Bay View Connection

Two of our favorite people in dentistry have teamed up for a comprehensive series of joint based occlusion and restorative dentistry programs. Mark is brilliant in his knowledge of the joints and Jim is a terrific dentist with a wealth of knowledge. They’ve formed an amazing team and we’ve seen them many times and hosted them as well.

Buddy met Mark and Jim many years ago through Dr. Dawson and took a special interest in TMJ treatment that continues to this day. He has also studied with Peter Neff, Henry Gremillion, Parker Mahan and Terry Tanaka. We have a Doppler in the lab and use the Piper classification system for referencing the position and condition of the joints.

We are proud to host the Piper/McKee Study Club which meets twice a year. For additional information about joining this exceptional group contact Buddy Shafer. The date for the next meeting is September 12 & 13, 2013.

Buddy Shafer with Mark Piper and Jim McKee

Buddy Shafer with Mark Piper and Jim McKee, 2011.

Buddy and Rick Shafer with Mark Piper in 1985.

Buddy and Rick Shafer with Mark Piper in 1985.

The Piper Study Club

Join us for exclusive access to these two great minds in dentistry twice a year in a small group study club environment along with some of the best restorative dentists in the country. We meet twice a year, once here in Virginia and once in St Pete, FL at Mark’s beautiful Piper Education & Learning Resource Center. Participants are encouraged to bring complex cases to be studied and planned together.

  • Learn to order and read MRI’s, gain a better understanding into the position and condition of joints, BEFORE definitive restorative treatment.
  • Understand how changes in the horizontal or vertical position of condyles effects the occlusion.
  • Understand how injuries to the joints of children can result in “growth disturbance” of the mandible and result in facial asymmetries.
  • Understand the Piper classification system and a comprehensive TMJ protocol.
  • Learn about sleep appliances and how they sometimes cause an unstable down and forward positioning of the joints, and how to avoid it.
  • Learn and understand occlusal splints as never before.

For additional information about joining this exceptional group contact Buddy Shafer.

New from Dr. Piper

Dr. Mark Piper announces the release of Anomalous Medical, an interactive 3D graphics and simulation software specially designed for dentistry. Anomalous Medical, replaces your two-dimensional illustrations and animations patients have a hard time understanding and illustrates how disease and deformity affects human anatomy with 3D medical simulation that really works.

Mid-Atlantic Center for Advanced Dental Study at Bay View Dental Lab.

We schedule meetings and workshops for continuing dental education throughout the year. To receive advanced notice for upcoming events, simply contact us and request to be added to our mailing list.

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