Altantis Gold Hue Implant Abutments

The popularity of gold hue CAD/CAM implant abutments have soared in recent years, and it is now our first choice for implant cases. The warm gold color of the abutment has a reflective property you don’t get from darker colored or silver abutments. The reflective properties create a beautiful aesthetic when combined with an all-ceramic restoration. The Atlantis Titanium Gold Hue abutments are stronger, have a beautiful gold color and cost less than zirconia, making them the best option for all three considerations. IPS e.max is our first choice for restorative materials over these gold-hue abutments. We use low translucency e.max with micro-layering on anteriors, and full contour high translucency IPS e.max on posteriors.

Special pricing from Atlantis has also allowed us to pass along savings and offer a very special pricing combination on posterior implant cases with the implant model, abutment, and crown for just $595.00 complete. They’re the perfect combination of strength, esthetics, and affordability. On top of that, these restorations are turned around by our implant department in just two weeks!

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