Diagnostic Wax-Ups

The dental wax-up is the method or process through which the practitioner can fully visualize the true restorative needs of their patients.  In fact, it is probably the greatest working tool of our profession.  At Bay View Dental Lab we understand the true value of this service to our clients. We can share out expertise and make suggestions on materials, case design, sequencing, equilibration, and estimates.  We can provide four types of wax-ups: the basic diagnostic wax-up, the full contour wax-up, the case presentation wax-up and the orthodontic wax-up.

  • Basic Diagnostic Wax-up:

    The basic diagnostic wax-up aids in developing an overall game plan for restorative procedures.

  • Full Contor Wax-up:

    The full contour wax-up is used when improved esthetics and contours are included in the treatment plan.

  • Case Presentation Wax-up

    The case presentation wax-up is generally requested to show the end result as realistically as possible.

  • Orthodontic Wax-Up

    The orthodontic wax-up helps visualize the possibilities available when repositioning is an integral part of obtaining optimal results.

In order to successfully work through the diagnostic process, the following records are necessary:

  • Well impressed models; capturing all oral anatomy
  • Facebow
  • Centric-relation bite
  • Protrusive bite
  • Notes of clinical findings for any questionable teeth
  • Diagnostic Photographs (see our Photo Recommendation Guide)
  • Prescription with ideas, visuals, and tentative treatment plan

Download our Diagnostic Wax-Up Checklist for additional assistance.


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