Digital Photography

Digital photography has become as important to predictably successful cosmetic dentistry as the articulator is to successful functional dentistry. We consider it so important that we offer training FREE to doctors and staff for any Bay View customers. It really is THAT IMPORTANT!

Digital photography is critical in four key areas of restorative dentistry.


It is critical to be evaluate the esthetic problems as part of the work-up process. A good camera and proper digital photographs on a case can be the difference in acceptable and exceptional final results. As the treatment plan is considered, sharing of images allows the restorative dentist, periodontists, orthodontist, and technicians to view and collaborate on problems and possible solutions. The best possible results can be achieved through a multidisciplinary approach on every case. That’s the beauty of great records and photographs. The diagnostic process can be shared, saving time and money, without compromising results.

Patient Communication

With proper records, especially digital photographs, presenting the possibilities can be exciting and realistic. We offer computer imaging of cosmetic cases that is real and compelling. Patients see the realistic possibilities and get excited. The doctor has the opportunity to show the patient not only the problems, but the solutions.

Lab Communication

Great pictures to share with the lab makes it possible to do our best work. It’s as if we were there in the operatory with you. Even for patient’s that come here to the lab for shading, we rely on digital photography for our records. Harold Yates, our own in house professional photographer is available to assist with technical questions free of charge. You can also arrange a time to send your assistants in for personal training on digital photography at no additional charge to Bay View clients. We have also suggested protocols for both diagnostic and shading images and suggest simply burning the images to a disc to send in with your case. All this information is available as a printable PDF file.


No opportunity should be lost when it comes to marketing and networking. We have a number of concepts to share with customers to help with internal marketing but pretty much everything will somehow involve showing photos of your work. It’s the “sizzle” that every great marketing plan needs to be successful. By getting in the habit of taking excellent before photos, you will automatically have them for the patient and lab communication. Then when the case is completed, you will have the before, during, and after photos to show for your gallery. We have lots of ideas to help with this.

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