Bay View offers an array of services far beyond full service restorative work. Diagnostic wax-ups, computer imaging and estimates are a must for the contemporary dental practice. For the growing or transitioning practice, our support with FREE staff training is a huge benefit. This can vary from digital photography to diagnostic waxing with everything in between. We are also proud to offer the services of a full-time graphic designer for marketing support. At Bay View Dental Lab, we really are your partners, and do everything we can to be a resource.


Case Planning

Today’s elective cosmetic dentistry requires a comprehensive understanding of dentofacial esthetics with a multi-disciplinary approach. Minor perio or ortho may be needed to reach the desired results. These additional treatment considerations may take only a few weeks, but can make the difference between acceptable and exceptional results.

Computer Imaging

Our computer imaging service is NOT from a “smile library” but rather an original made through realistic changes of the original. Our graphic designer teams-up with our certified technicians, whose experience and expertise are used in a collaborative effort to produce results that are esthetic and achievable.

Digital Photography

Digital photography has become as important to predictably successful cosmetic dentistry as the articulator is to successful functional dentistry. We consider it so important that we offer training FREE to doctors and staff for any Bay View customers.

CT Scans

Once the proper tooth position has been established through either a diagnostic wax-up or set-up, the tooth position and bone position can be evaluated for proper implant placement and inclination. Simply send a copy of the CT Scan in for our implant specialists and they will arrange an online web conference with you and the surgeon, and you will benefit from an interdisciplinary approach to implant treatment planning.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

At Bay View Dental Lab we understand the true value of the diagnostic wax-up to our clients. We can share out expertise and make suggestions on materials, case design, sequencing, equilibration and estimates. We can provide four types of wax-ups: the basic diagnostic wax-up, the full contour wax-up, the case presentation wax-up and the orthodontic wax-up.

Staff Training

We realize the importance of staff in helping give you our best work. Much of what we need are staff tasks, in fact most of what we need will involve records generated by your chair-side or lab assistant. A better trained staff increases productivity per hour for the doctor.

Marketing Support

Our three flagship marketing services are personalized graphic design, computer imaging, and personalized-in-person photography training. We also host at least one practice management and marketing course a year. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand awareness with direct mailers, or trying to figure out how to build a company facebook page, we’re just a call away!

Request Team

For clients seeking the highest level of personal interaction with their technicians, we offer our Request Team Service. Our small group of Master Technicians from around the world specializing in metal ceramics, all ceramics, gold and implant work are available, by request, to work as your private technician.

Request an Estimate

With our “all-inclusive” flat pricing option, estimates are now easier than ever. Just submit the form with the necessary information or call us with the details and we can usually have an estimate within the day.


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