Tekscan: Pulling Back the Curtain on Occlusion

It’s no secret that occlusion has been a pivotal topic of discussion in dentistry for many years, keeping some of the most studied doctors and technicians fascinated by the dynamics of what is known and pondering the depths of what is yet to be discovered.  For those who wonder what is happening to teeth during occlusion beyond those occlusal tape marks, Bay View brought in Tekscan to deliver a visual of the forces of occlusion that our naked eye could never see.

Here at our teaching facility, Tekscan’s T-Scan III technology treated students with inquiring dental minds to a digital revelation regarding some of the mysteries of occlusion.  Instructors Robert Kerstein, DMD, Scott Green, DMD, & Jay Cohen introduced T-Scan III’s data collection abilities and movie-style graphics during the 1 ½ day course on Computer Guided Occlusion.

Attendees learned how the T-Scan System’s bite force analysis measures the way the teeth come together and separate to protect natural teeth, restored teeth, implants, and muscles. This unique diagnostic tool instantly displays interferences for evaluation and treatment of occlusal malfunction.  A patient simply bites down on an ultra-thin sensor, and the software displays the timing of contacts and levels of force in a dynamic movie. T-Scan software shows the patient’s bite from beginning to end and all that is happening in between. Now, doctors can have the visual data they never imagined possible to tell the unseen story of their patient’s teeth and bring a whole new level of certainty to the science that will help them successfully diagnose and manage destructive forces.

Doctors and assistants in attendance remarked how much the T-Scan technology added to their understanding of occlusion, like Dr. Steven Hart, who gave some insight into what it was like to look behind those dentine-enamel walls while the teeth were in action:

We couldn’t help but have Drs. Kerstein and Green back for another Computer Guided Occlusion course with us with feedback like that. When you combine their educational background and years of experience maintaining private dental practices with their hands-on knowledge of T-Scan III, it’s easy to see how Dr. Kerstein & Dr. Green can shed so much light on the much mulled over subject of occlusion.  If you’d like to learn more about his Boston, Massachusetts practice, click on the link to Dr. Kerstein’s website, and visit Big Sky Seminars out of Frenchtown, Montana to learn more about how Dr. Green unveils the mystery of occlusion.

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar to find out when the next Computer Guided Occlusion course will be, or call 757-583-1787 to reserve a spot today.


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