“A Weekend In The Queen City”


Last week I had the good fortune of attending the “2011 Inventrix User Group” meeting in Charlotte, NC. Inventrix is a software company, whose featured product, lab management software “Labtrac”, is used in well over 100 labs in North America.  Labtrac is used to do everything from scheduling a case to formulating complex operational reports.   It really is the backbone of a lab’s production schedule.  I was joined by about 25 representatives from labs around the United States and Canada.  These meetings are great because you get a sneak peek at the upcoming software’s new features. Without giving too much away, the changes are designed to not only help the lab more efficiently process work, but also give the doctor more access to pertinent case information.   Hats off to the people at Inventrix for listening to their clients and having the technical expertise to supply a product that helps not only labs, but offices and patients.

Here at Bay View, we always look to be a step ahead of changes in the field of dentistry. That’s why we do our best to lead, not follow, in the laboratory technology revolution. Laboratory processes, manufacturing techniques, and dental materials are changing faster than we ever thought possible.  I can only imagine the looks I would have gotten from doctors five years ago if I said high-noble alloy was selling at $1,800/ounce.  It’s easier than ever to get lost in the web of material selection, strength, and bonding options.  It’s important to our, and our customers’, futures that we stay a step ahead of industrial change.  Partnering with companies like Inventrix give us just that opportunity.  Not only do we have the opportunity to discuss the current changes taking place in the industry, but we have an opportunity to discuss the future and how each of our labs are preparing for coming changes.  Are you up to date on everything that’s going on around you?  Feel a bit left behind?  If you would like to discuss or have any questions on new technologies, material selection, bonding techniques, processes management, material strength v. aesthetics, CT Scans, Digital Imaging, or the future of dentistry, feel free to call us or strike up a conversation in the comments section of our blog!

For more information on Inventrix and Labtrac, you can contact Richard Pickard at 704-334-8356.





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