“Comprehensive Exam & Records “

It was our pleasure to host The Dawson Academy for the Comprehensive Exam & Records course at our facility last week. It is the first in a series of hands-on courses designed to take the participant’s to a higher level in their careers. Having been through all the hands-on courses, I can honestly say that this is my personal favorite. Dr. John Cranham did an exceptional job imparting his knowledge to the class. He was joined by Dr. Steve Hoard, who was equally impressive in his understanding of the records and examination processes.

This was a really loose group of doctors who exhibited a real eagerness to learn; each putting into practice the principles covered in the course. The one thing I like to see from the group is the ability to take an accurate CR bite record by the end of the course. I feel that every doctor in the course was able to do so based upon my observations. Everyone seemed to grasp the facebow and mounting procedures as well. Photography was the only point in which I felt that some of the students could have used a bit more practice. They were all able to take adequate photos by the end of the 2 and 1/2 day course, and I know that mastering the camera and all its settings can’t be covered along with all the other material that’s presented, but one can dream. Maybe I should suggest a “Mastering Records Course”?

Together, Dr. Cranham and Dr. Hoard had everyone in attendance high-fiving one another as they took accurate CR bite records multiple times and verified them using the Centri-Check System. The learning objectives covered were:

  • Acquire efficient records gathering process that can be implemented immediately.
  • Acquire skills to educate each patient during an examination.
  • Establish fees for examination/consultation process.
  • Integrate the ability to ask future focused questions.
  • Locate, verify, and precisely record centric relation and mount casts onto an appropriate semi-adjustable articulator.
  • Acquire the skills to use a macro digital camera to shoot a full series of diagnostic digital photographs.
  • Verify how to do a correct facebow transfer – and why this is critical to both the diagnostic and restorative phase of treatment.
  • Judge how to do a comprehensive smile analysis – how to recognize the flaw in any smile.
  • Evaluate the system for signs of instability (wear, mobility, migration, muscle issues, or TMJ dysfunction) – the key to clinical examination, and insure the patient understands the problem.
  • Select a protocol for when to get CT, MRI, etc. based on ROM, history and load test.

Harold Yates

Lab Manager, Bay View Dental Laboratory

For more information on continuing education courses held here at Bay View, take a look at our events calendar.


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