American College of Prosthodontists / BVDL Connection

Dr. Kenneth Malament with Rick and Buddy, mid 1980s.

Dr. Malament with Rick and Buddy, mid 1980s.

Buddy and Rick are both members of the American College of Prosthodontists. We look forward to opening our email and finding the “Wednesday Wake-up Call “ updates each week. We proudly contribute to the American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation. Also, Rick is an Accredited Member of the Northeast Gnathological Society. Many of our clients are prosthodontists and, as a full service dental lab, Bay View is uniquely qualified to handle complex multidisciplinary work. We have all articular systems. Our Request Team service allow clients to choose and work with their own private technician on a regular basis. All CAD/CAM work is scanned and designed in the lab, as well as the fabrication of all full and partial denture work. We proudly guarantee all our work is 100% MADE IN AMERICA. Buddy and Rick are both excellent contacts to receive any questions from prosthodontists.

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