“For many years I have had the great pleasure of working closely with one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic proponents of the Dawson philosophy of dental practice. Buddy Shafer made a commitment years ago to learn and practice every important concept of complete dentistry. Since that time his laboratory has thrived, and Buddy has become a source of inspiration and advice to many dentists and technicians across the country. I personally have tremendous respect and admiration of Buddy who has been a valuable resource to me as well as a close personal friend and colleague. ”

- Peter E. Dawson, DDS

“In today’s competitive market, dentists struggle to satisfy their patients’ high functional and esthetic demands. The master technicians at Bay View Dental Laboratory have studied and perfected the concepts of Dr. Peter Dawson and provide dentists with the knowledge and experience to treat the most complex dental problems so you can exceed your patients’ expectations every time.”

- Larry Guzzardo, Practice Management Consultant

“I truly value the working relationship and friendships with Bay View’s team of talented technicians. I credit Buddy Shafer, Bay View’s co-owner and President, with making me the dentist I am today. Bay View completed my mother’s case about ten years ago, and although I didn’t own a camera at the time, I now proudly display her photo on my website. I’ve always been happy with the way her case turned out. Thank you for helping me give my mother her smile back! ”

- Jennifer J. Kalochie, DMD, FAGD

“Certainly one of the key elements in providing excellence in complete care dentistry for the restorative dentist is the partnership with a similar minded dental laboratory. Predictable, durable and esthetic results can only be achieved if this relationship is synergistic due to a mutual functional philosophy and a calibrated critical eye for esthetics. I have been fortunate to team with Bay View Dental Lab over the past 2 decades on many cases. They have helped me to provide truly exceptional results for my patients. BVDL shares the same vision of excellence and commitment to the final product as I do. They are one of only a hand full of the labs in the country that embrace the Dawson Philosophy of Complete Dentistry and have a ceramist that is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.”

- Scott Finlay, DDS, FAGD, FAACD

“I am very impressed by the service you provide for me. I would not have thought that anyone would have taken the time to explain this to me, but to take pictures on top of that!!  Absolutely amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a great credit to the field of dentistry and have my committed respect. I appreciate and learn from your wealth of knowledge on every case. Thank you for your extra effort and for taking the time to help me to learn and understand.”

- Chris Elliott, DDS

“When I first began implementing the concepts of comprehensive dentistry taught at The Dawson Academy, one of my biggest challenges was finding a dental lab which understood these concepts. I struggled for a while until I found Bay View. For the past twelve years Bay View has been my lab. It makes my job easier when both the lab and myself are on the same page. From the 3-D wax-up and smile imaging, to predictable definitive restorations of all disciplines, I have found Bay View to be my partner in providing my patients with the best dentistry I can accomplish.”

- Andrew C. Cobb, DDS

“I have been working with Bay View Dental Lab for my entire 20 year career and can't say enough about the level of expertise and service I have received. The entire staff at Bay View is in a constant pursuit of excellence through continuing education and the lab represents a kind of "headquarters" for advanced dental knowledge with it's teaching center. Bay View's support in helping me become accredited in The AACD was critical. Rick Shafer completed all of my AACD cases that required ceramics and I continue to rely on him in helping me with my most challenging esthetic and functional cases.”

- Johnson Hagood, DDS

“At the beginning of Buddy's career he made a cold call to me. Because of my own unwavering commitment to excellence I discouraged this young man from pursuing my lab business, stating that I was "too fussy". Buddy persevered and immediately distinguished himself with his skill. Buddy and Bay View have been an integral part of my vision and my practice of dentistry ever since. Buddy's standard is excellence. He is fearlessly innovative and he is committed to his craft with contagious passion. He is a leader and mentor not only to his team of select and superb technicians but to dental professionals who share his ideal. I am honored to be his friend and colleague.”

- Malcolm Mallery, DDS

“Bay View Dental Lab has been invaluable as a partner in my journey to implement complete dentistry into my practice. Their lab work speaks for itself, but their commitment to supporting and helping dentists reach their clinical goals is unparalleled.”

- J. Trahey Maner, DDS

“It is a pleasure to work with Bay View’s dedicated team of technicians, committed to excellence in every detail. They make me a much better clinician!”

- Karen McAndrew, DMD, MS

“I view my relationship with Bay View Dental Lab as a partnership in providing my patients with the best care possible. As a dentist, Bay View raises my bar, improves my self-esteem and helps make dentistry fun & predictable. With the inspiration of their father, Vernon, Buddy and Rick Shafer have assembled an extraordinary team of master technicians, all with an unyielding commitment to excellence. The knowledge base and understanding of esthetics, form, fit and function result in restorations that are amazingly natural. It is remarkable that Bay View maintains excellence in all areas from Treatment Planning, Model & Die, Implants, Removable Prosthetics, Ceramics and that excellence extends to all the support people. I keep a portfolio of my cases to share with patients and give them a choice of dental labs. The combination of my excitement, confidence and the natural appearance, my patients overwhelmingly choose Bay View.”

- Stephen A. Miller, DDS, FAGD

“I have been working with Bay View Dental Lab for about 5 years, and I am very pleased with the customer service and the quality of the lab work. I like how the ceramist in charge of the case is very approachable, and interested in creating the best quality restorations possible. They know how to communicate and work with me on the details of the case so that the finished product is exactly like I want it. ”

- Angela Moss, DDS

“In our practice, exceptional relationships are key - with our patients, staff, vendors, the specialists, and dental laboratories with whom we partner to execute patient care. Buddy, Rick, Lars and the entire team at Bay View are committed to quality workmanship, advancements in technologies and materials, education and professional camaraderie. What else can you ask for in a dental laboratory? Thank you Bay View. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.”

- Dr. Joseph Passaro, DDS

“The best thing that happened to me in dentistry was twenty years ago when Pete Dawson gave me your name as a lab. ”

- Edward Reisner, DMD

“Working with Bay View has given me a special appreciation for the professional relationship that can exist between a dentist and dental lab. Bay View consistently demonstrates a commitment to quality education, detailed case planning, service, and the best possible outcomes for dentists and patients.”

- Dr. Arnold Rosen, DDS

“Whip Mix values Bay View’s technical expertise. They’re always willing to evaluate new products and to share their knowledge of occlusal concepts. Many product improvements have resulted from recommendations made by their technical team.”

- Anne Steinbock, VP Sales & Marketing – Whip Mix Corporation

“I have been practicing dentistry since 1997, and have been searching for you my entire professional career.  I have worked with a significant number of dental laboratories since that time that have all delivered a varying range of clinical results for me and my patients.  Sometimes the results were good, sometimes not, but NEVER consistently good.  Since I have been working with Bay View, I have achieved a level of predictability that has been unsurpassed.  My restorations are beautiful, drop right in, and the patients are ecstatic!!!  It is such a pleasure working with a team that has truly mastered the relationship between function and esthetics, and done so at an extremely high level.  It is also wonderful to work with a team of technicians that understands what we need to achieve as practitioners; your team actually understands this as well, or very often better than we do...  You make my job easy, and continue to make me look good... Thank you so much for the great relationship and rapport that we have, and here's to many more years of clinical success!! ”

- Raj Upadya, DMD

“The Bay View Team has been providing me with wonderful esthetic and functional results for many years. What proves to be most valuable is the total commitment to quality and the absolute world class professionalism of the whole Bay View family.”

- DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD

“Bay View Dental Laboratory provides unparalleled accuracy and consistency in implant prosthetics. From treatment planning to insertion, their knowledge and support is always state-of-the-art. ”

- Dr. James “Woody” Wooddell, DDS

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