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Welcome to Bay View Dental Lab. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and redefining your ideas of the standard laboratory-doctor relationship. Please take a moment and review the resources below before sending in your case. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us directly at 757-304-8607.

Download Bay View’s Prescription Forms


Packing and Shipping Your Case

When packaging your case, please be sure to securely package each model/impression to ensure that it is not damaged during the shipping process. We recommend wrapping foam or bubble wrap around the models and impressions as well as using it at the top, bottom and sides of the box to further protect your items from accidental breakage.

Please include a completed prescription with each case that includes all pertinent patient information as well as the doctor’s name, address, phone number and signature. You can download a prescription form from our website or call us at 1-757-304-8607 and we will ship them to your office. As an added benefit, we supply our accounts with prepaid UPS shipping labels that can be requested via phone at or online using Quick Links (right column).

Once you have carefully packaged your items and sealed your box, you are ready to affix the prepaid UPS shipping label to the top of the package and schedule a pickup with your local UPS driver. You can do this by going online to, calling 1-800-pick-ups, dropping the package in a UPS drop box, or delivering the package to either a UPS store or a UPS shipping facility in your area.



As technology advances, the ability to match a patient’s shade is becoming more and more precise. Photographs are one our strongest tools in providing you the highest quality in dental restorations. Below you will find a guide showing the best possible shots for us to use at the lab. If photography is not your forte but you are interested in learning, we offer free staff training to you and your staff.  Better pictures mean better shade results.  You can mail photos in with your case if you like, but we prefer to receive pictures digitally via e-mail.  Pictures should be emailed to:

Recommended Case Records

At Bay View Dental Laboratory, we don’t believe in assembly line production and cookie-cutter methods of case construction.  Each case is crafted by highly skilled technicians who treat your case with the same care and dedication you give your patients. Like snowflakes, no two dental restorations are the same. With that in mind, we have created a few short checklists of records to include with the case to ensure the highest level of predictability possible.


Upper Anterior Crowns

Lower Anterior Crowns

Full Upper & Lower Reconstruction

Full Upper Reconstruction

Full Lower Reconstruction

Combo Fixed-Removable (Mand)

Combo Fixed Removable (Max)

Diagnostic Wax Up

Anterior Porcelain Veneers


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