AACD Support

Bay View Dental Lab offers the technical support for accreditation level ceramic work at no additional charge to our clients. We will also assist with the documentation support and even the presentation of the case write-up.

We are proud to have our AACD accredited dental technician, and many of our clients already accredited in the AACD. Shoji Suruga, our master ceramist from Japan, completed his cases in 2010 and received his award at the 2011 annual meeting in Boston. Rick and Matt Shafer are both working toward accreditation and Buddy Shafer has been a member for almost 20 years.

In 2009 we sponsored an advanced accreditation workshop to review cases. Several of our clients are examiners so we are accustomed to listening to the evaluation critiques.We understand the AACD accreditation process and will enthusiastically help anyone working toward that goal. We are often asked “is it worth it?” Our answer – YES. Even if you never achieve the goal of accreditation, just the process of evaluating your completed cases more critically makes you a better dentist.

The education programs at the AACD annual meeting are presented by many of the best dentists in the country, all gathered under one roof using short, high-impact presentations. The annual meeting alone is one of the best sources of CE and has become one of the largest meetings in the world each year. Beyond that, the communication with your ceramist improves, your photography improves, and your case planning improves. Yes, it is expensive and time consuming, but this is worth it.

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